Let's Hear it for the Gods...
and Goddesses!

Saturday, April 2, 2022 @ 8pm EDT


Gods Poster.png

We All Shine Productions is proud to present Let's Hear it for the Gods...and Goddesses!

The production includes a whole lot of comedy and will include the short plays: Apples and Oranges by Jacob Horowitz, Not My Department by Mary Karty, Placement Day by Robert Mattson, Genesisters by Ken Preuss, and The Dawning of the Age of Ganymede by Lucy Wang. Also, enjoy performances from collaborating artists, Catherine Hughes (Diva in the Rough), Shelagh Hughes Carlini, Gryphon Geisel, St. Blair, Colleen Sullivan, and Michael Damus.

Please note that this production contains language and material that may not suitable for children. Trigger warnings include kidnapping.

The show is FREE to watch. However, we will be collecting donations to help us continue to bring entertainment into your homes and to support important charities. For this production, we commit to giving 50% of the money raised to True North Aid, who provides support to First Nations communities in Canada and around the world under 8 foundational stones: self-determination, reconciliation, water, food, health, housing, hope and education. You can donate by clicking the "Donate" button at the top of the page.


Producer - Christine Sawka Fraser

Directors - Christine Sawka Fraser 

                - Andrew Sanjay Pawarroo 

Stage Managers - Lori Moritz and John Sellens

OBS Tech/Steamer - John Sellens

Graphic Designer - Christine Sawka Fraser

Video Editor - Andrew Sanjay Pawarroo

Costume/Props Designer - Christine Sawka Fraser

Sound Designer  - Christine Sawka Fraser

Sound Tech/Operator - Andrew Sanjay Pawarroo


Apples and Oranges

by Jacob Horowitz

Directed by Christine Sawka Fraser

God -  Simon Marwood

Goddess -  Ojonugwa

Adam - Joseph Paolo Garcia

Eve -  Juliet Lene

Being - Dee Dee Devine

Man #1 -  Nick Xidos

Man #2/3 - Primitivo Steve Saet

Woman #1 - Molly Douglas

Woman #2 - Rebecca Birrell

Woman #3 - Bailee Burleson

Not My Department

by Mary Karty

Directed by Christine Sawka Fraser

Jay -  Patrick Murphy

Eris -  Sidnei Auler

Allana - Molly Douglas

Placement Day

by Robert Mattson

Directed by Christine Sawka Fraser 

Bureaucrates - Thom Haynes

Candidate #1 - Tara Hawley

Candidate #2 - Danielle Shuler

Candidate #3- Leah Hall

Candidate #4 - Primitivo Steve Saet


by Ken Preuss

Directed by Christine Sawka Fraser 

Rory - Tristina Haines

Penny - Marlo K. Shaw

Terra - Rebecca Birrell

Carmen - Bailee Burleson

The Dawning of the Age of Ganymede

by Lucy Wang

Directed by Christine Sawka Fraser 

Zeus -  Paul Buxton

Hera -  Margaux Berwitt

Ganymede -  Nick Xidos