Streaming Live

Saturday, May 1, 2021 - 8pm EDT

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Reunited is an evening of short plays, art, music and poetry streamed for free on YouTube. 

In Queenie, a young girl, is used as bait in an attempt to smoke out her hitman father, the Ice Man.

Twilight takes place after Maggie crashes her bike into a ditch and meets Perry, a stranger who had been standing the middle of the road. This encounter, however, is more fortunate than either of them realize.

Everyone involved in Reunited is volunteering their time to bring quality entertainment into your home.  If you enjoy the show, please consider tipping the actors and production team by clicking the button below.  Actors/crew will equally share 50% of the donations.  

The remaining 50% of donations from the show will go to two charities.  Family for Every Child ( will receive 40% of the proceeds and True North Aid ( will receive 10%.  Please visit their websites to learn about the initiatives each organization is currently involved in.  

The campaign will close on May 22, 2021.  

Queenie by Ann Convery

Directed by Andrew Pawarroo & Christine Fraser

Queenie - Jessica Pellicciotta

Johnny - Trevor Belanger

Nurse - Ollire Lane

Tom - Patrick Murphy

Man 1 - Trent Matthews

Man 2/Charlie - Jim York

Swing - Christine Fraser, Andrew Pawarroo

Twilight by Eileen Enwright Hodgetts

Directed by Christine Fraser & Andrew Pawarroo

Perry - Greg Wojcik

Maggie - Juliet Lene

Jake - Jim Hetrick
Donnie - Tanner Homonko

Swing - Christine Fraser, Andrew Pawarroo





Reunited Promo 

Written, directed and edited by Andrew Pawarroo

The Second Defendant - Brian Fukuzawa 

Judge Dave Lombardo - Dave Kouhi 

Judge Lisa - Lisa Meers 
Lori Lewis - Lori Moritz

Judge Maria Santos - Maria Puigbonet 

Ray Liotta - Ray Porrill
John Cleese - John Sellens

Shari Lewis -  Shari Thorne

Creative Team


Producer - Christine Fraser

Assistant Producer - Andrew Pawarroo

Stage Manager (Zoom) Dave Kouhi

Stage Manager (OBS)John Sellens

I.T. Team - Dave Kouhi, Andrew Pawarroo, John Sellens   

Sound Design - Christine Fraser

Sound (Tech) - Dave Kouhi, Andrew Pawarroo

Sound Operation - Lori Moritz

Costume/Prop Design - Christine Fraser

Poster Design - Christine Fraser

Programme/Meet the Cast Design - Andrew Pawarroo

Video Editing - Andrew Pawarroo

Streamer - John Sellens

Special Guests

Poet - Christina Lee

Visual Artist (for "Stained Glass") - Stephanie Snider

Visual Artist (for "Imprisoned") - Colleen Sullivan, Pulse                                                           of My Heart Studio

Musical Comedy - Diva in the Rough (Catherine Hughes)

Irish Word of the Day - Diva in the Rough (Catherine                                                 Hughes)